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Every CrossFit workout can be modified to meet the needs of ANY experience level or limitation. Our coaches can scale back the weights, intensity, and movements to accommodate the needs of absolutely anybody.


Cloverdale CrossFit is a place you can call home. We work with people from all walks of life. Grandmothers and new mothers, young & old, first responders and health workers, first time CrossFitters and experienced competitive CrossFitters. Everyone trains together and reaps the fitness gains from a friendly, intense, supportive environment. Together we inspire.  Together we motivate and together we succeed. Come and join our community of support, education, and encouragement to achieve your fitness goals.



“I joined Cloverdale CrossFit specifically to work with Coach Aimee. She is by far one of the most enthusiastic, supportive and knowledgeable coaches around. On top of that, I found a fantastic community, made up of athletes at all levels that respect and support each other. Great coaching, great programming, and great people … I’m very happy to have found all of these things in one place!”
– Jeff Metcalfe
– Age: 43 – Doing CrossFit: 4 years

“Since joining Cloverdale CrossFit, I am in the best shape of life. The workouts are always challenging, intense and customizable to my ability. The trainers are excellent at helping me excel and push myself to new levels. At Cloverdale CrossFit it’s more than just a gym, it’s a family.”
-Jay Brecknell
– Age: 45 – Doing CrossFit: 3 years

“Cloverdale CrossFit is in one word: AMAZING! What a friendly, inviting and welcoming environment! The support and love from everyone at the gym is so encouraging and helps you hit and exceed all your fitness goals all while having a great time and making friends! Aimee is such a fantastic trainer and coach – I wouldn’t be a member if it wasn’t for her wonderful smile and attitude everyday!!!”
– Emma Brangan
– Age: 25 – Doing CrossFit: 5 months

“First of all I absolutely LOVE this place and my journey so far has been nothing short of amazing!!!! Coach Aimee, owner of this fabulous box continues to provide me the guidance and support I need to overcome my fears, limitations and challenges. The coaches and my now CrossFit family believed in me more than I believed in myself in completing the WODs. The routines are always different and challenging where you are always working out a different body part, never getting bored. When I’m tired and want to stop, I hear the cheering from my coaches and my fellow CrossFitters that it motivates me to push myself to finish the WOD. It is a very rewarding and awesome experience knowing that you are able to accomplish things that you never knew you could.

At Cloverdale CrossFit it is not just a gym it is a family, my home away from home. My job has many stressors so when I walk through the door I get to leave everything else behind and it is just be me and my family. It is a place to be proud at but also to be humbled. I am challenged, stretched, and encouraged to do my absolute best by my coaches and CrossFit family to become stronger, faster and to feel better about myself. Even when I think I can’t do it my own cheering squad helps me realize I can do more weights and go faster. There are many days where I leave feeling on top of the world about my accomplishments.” 

– Cindy Redl
– Age: 46 – Doing CrossFit: 5 months


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Owner/Coach Aimee
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